On this page you can find tips for the maintenance of your BERG Trampoline.

Maintenance tips for your BERG trampoline

What could be a possible cause of stains or discolouration on the padding?

UV radiation

The protective edges have been developed to resist UV radiation from the sun, but over the years UV radiation will contribute to discolouration of the protective edge. In comparison: when you apply suncream you can lie in the sun for longer without getting sunburnt, but after a while you will still burn, even after using suncream.

Stains through environmental factors

Trees, flowers and shrubs in the area can shed leaves or release pollen, etc., which can cause stains

A small puddle of water on the protective edge can cause discolouration (there can be various reasons for this: water can serve as a “magnifying glass” for UV radiation; when the water evaporates it can leave a chalky residue behind on the surface of the protective edge, etc.)

Mildew/mould: when a protective edge has been wet for a while, or it was not completely dry before being stored, stains/black spots/mould can start to form.

What can I do to prevent stains on the protective edge?

The trampoline is outside in all kinds of weather and has a lot to endure. Naturally, it is unavoidable that traces of use and weather effects can be seen on the product over time, but with our advice you can keep the protective edge clean and fresh for much longer.

To prevent stains as much as possible, BERG recommends cleaning the protective edge regularly. Use a soft cloth and lukewarm water (not too hot!). You could also add a drop of mild detergent to the water, but ensure that this is thoroughly rinsed off to avoid leaving any traces of detergent on the protective edge.

Regular cleaning will help to prevent stains, mould or mildew from becoming permanently attached to the protective edge.

If the protective edge stays wet over a longer period (if water remains on it) it will increase the chances of developing stains as a result of mould. In that case, ensure that the padding is regularly dried off. If the protective edge is not used for any length of time, it is advisable to clean and dry it thoroughly and then store it in a dry place.

The lifespan of the protective edge can be extended by keeping it as dry as possible. The protective edge has specifically been produced for outdoor use and can certainly withstand moisture, but prolonged spells of wet weather could remove the chemical components that keep the material supple. This would age the protective edge prematurely and make the material feel harder. A protective edge that has been left out in the wet for longer periods will become harder and look older much faster than a protective edge that has been kept dry.

Use a cover for the trampoline for short periods only (no longer than a few weeks). The cover is intended to keep the trampoline free of twigs and leaves, etc., but it will let water through at the height of the jumping mat to prevent a reservoir of water from building up and weighing down the jumping mat. If the cover is used for fairly long periods of time in succession, there is a risk that the protective edge will become stained as a result of mould. We therefore recommend using the cover for a maximum period of a few consecutive weeks and not for bridging a winter period of several months. If the protective edge is not used for any length of time, it is advisable to clean and dry it thoroughly and then store it in a dry place.