About Mayo Go Karts

Mayo Go Karts have been selling BERG Go Karts and Trampolines since BERG entered the Irish Market over 25 years ago and we carry a wide variety of both BERG Trampolines and BERG Go Karts at our premises at Turlough, Castlebar. Mayo Go Karts operate a Nationwide Delivery.

Mayo Go Karts specialise in the BERG range of Trampolines which include the BERG InGround Favorit Trampoline, BERG InGround Champion Trampoline and BERG InGround Elite Trampoline. In the BERG FlatGround range we have the BERG FlatGround Champion Trampoline and BERG FlatGround Elite Trampoline. The BERG Regular Trampolines also come in the BERG Favorit, Champion and Elite Trampoline models. We carry the BERG Rectangular Ultim range together with BERG Oval Grand range.


At Mayo Go Karts we carry a full range of BERG Go Karts to suit all ages ranging from 10 months to adults.


We supply the commercial and leisure market.


Why not visit our new Garden Show Site of BERG Trampolines and our full range of BERG Go Karts at our premises at Turlough, Castlebar.


Experienced in active playtime pleasure

BERG has more than 30 years experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor playtime pleasure! Our go-karts and trampolines guarantee years of trouble-free playtime fun.

Leader in innovation

Our own team of experienced designers and engineers work daily on updating and improving our products. Leveraging innovations in technology, quality, safety, ease of use and design, our products constantly improve in function, ease of use and appearance.

Dutch design

All our products are designed by our employees at BERG. After development of a prototype and after extensive testing, the new go-kart or trampoline is taken into production. Quality and flexibility are our watchwords.

Safety first

Parents should not have to worry about the safety of toys. Children should be able to enjoy carefree and uninhibited play. That’s why safety is paramount for all BERG Products. Safety is constantly taken into consideration – from the early development stage of a new product.

BERG tests

BERG is synonymous with top quality. Children are able to enjoy years of fun with our products. That’s why we set high quality standards for our products. BERG conducts internal quality control on all of its products subjecting, the go-karts and trampolines to extreme conditions. In addition to our internal testing, BERG submits its products to quality control testing independent bodies. As a result of the tests, the products are certified in accordance with international standards and legislation. Of course the products are also tested by the users themselves: children.

The environment

BERG takes responsibility for its role as a global citizen responsible for its “environmental footprint”. Sustainability is an important item for us. We do our best to be as environmentally-friendly as possible in our production. We devote attention to the paint on the products, for instance, and also to the synthetic components of the BERG Go-karts. Further, BERG waste materials are submitted to recycling as much as possible!