All the BERG Buddy’s, Rally’s and large go-karts can be placed on their side. Because the go-karts are resting on their back wheels and seat, it makes them compact and easy to store. Below are the exact dimensions of the go-karts when all four wheels are on the ground. Buddy 100 x 65cm, Rally 70 x 123cm, Large go-karts 150 x 80cm, Traxx 150 x 85cm.

To fix the problem, insert an inner tube. These can be ordered from your BERG dealer.

An extra seat does not fit on a BERG Buddy. This is a small, light go-kart. Mounting an extra seat could cause the front wheels to rise from the ground.

BERG guarantees the supply of replacement parts as stated in the BERGcatalogue to enable the go-kart to function. However, functionality does not include stickers. There are also strict rules concerning the trademark of the models produced under licence (e.g. Ferrari, Jeep, John Deere, Fendt and Claas). BERG is therefore not permitted to supply these stickers separately.

Unfortunately not. A go-kart with gears has a specially designed frame. For that reason, a BERG dealer cannot mount gears on a “normal” go-kart.

The go-kart is supplied with instructions which explain how to assemble the go-kart . We at Mayo Go Karts will also be happy to help.

You can repair a flat tyre by inserting an inner tube. Inner tubes can be ordered from us at Mayo Go Karts.

We at Mayo Go Karts can help you to find correct inner tubes for the various go-karts.

It is not possible to mount an extra seat on the BERG Buddy. The Buddy is a small, light go-kart and an extra seat would cause the front wheels to lift off the ground. This is a dangerous situation that we wish to avoid by not mounting an extra seat.

Unfortunately it is not possible to add gears to a go-kart after it has been purchased. The frame of a go-kart with gears is specially made to include gears and therefore it is not possible to mount gears on another frame.

The reset button has been installed so that it is deliberately difficult to reach, to avoid the button from being accidentally pushed by children. It will therefore not be adjusted.

BFR stands for: Break, Freewheel and Reverse. The BFR system allows you to brake using the pedals, but also reverse immediately after coming to a standstill. In addition, the freewheel ensures that the pedals remain stationary while the wheels are turning. Read on to learn all about the BFR & BFR-3 system.

BFR-3 stands for: Break, Freewheel and Reverse + three gears. This system is identical to the BFR system, but with three gears. This makes it easier to accelerate, to ride up a hill and go very fast when you have the wind behind you! Read on to learn all about the BFR & BFR-3 system.

Biky 3+ (40 kg)

Buddy 3-8 (50 kg)

Rally 4-12 (60 kg)

Compact 5-99 (85 kg)

Large go-karts 5-99 (100 kg)

Beach wagon 3-99 (100 kg)

You have found your perfect go-kart but are still missing something? You can make your go-kart look even better and have much more fun with all kinds of BERG Accessories. Are you going on an adventure together? Go for a passenger seat! Or make sure you can take all your things with you in one of the BERG Trailers. The possibilities are endless!

Many go-karts are offered in various shapes and sizes around the world, but BERG is the best choice because you are not just choosing BERG, you are also choosing quality, safety and loads of fun! Read all about why BERG is the best choice here. Read all about why BERG is the best choice here.

Each go-kart has been specially designed for various environments and circumstances according to unique specifications. For example, BERG Off-road go-karts are designed to be able to take on any terrain. You have never raced so fast around the streets as on our BERG Race go-karts, and the BERG Farm models make every job on the farm seem super easy! Read more handy tips here about buying a go-kart.

Just like a real car, your cool BERG go-kart also needs a periodic technical inspection. Find out here whether your go-kart will pass the MOT checklist.

BERG has many go-karts based on various themes. Would you like to go on a nature discovery trip, organise a real street race or help out on the farm? You can read more here about the various models.

BERG has licences and collaborates with major international car and tractor brands. These collaborations produce unique go-karts, each with their own specifications. You can read more about the collaboration between BERG and these international brands here.

It is certainly possible to obtain additional warranty on your BERG Go-kart! Read how you can obtain additional warranty on various BERG Go-karts.

BERG develops, produces and innovates its go-karts and trampolines itself.

When taking a turn, the outer wheel makes more rotations than the inner wheel. For example, when turn to the right, the left wheels make more rotations than the right wheels. When both wheels have traction, there can be no difference in rotations and you will not be able to turn smoothly.

For go-karts click here to download PDF guide.